Concept graphic for the Forest worldmap.

The Forest is the second world in SuperTux. It is generally a lively place with many creatures roaming about. Parts of the Forest, however, are spooked. This world was included in the unstable SuperTux 0.3 releases.

Enemies Edit

Enemies in the Forest can be found at the enemies page.

New Features Edit

  • Switch
  • Moving Plateformes
  • Trampolino & Bouncing coils
  • Transportable Bricks
  • Doors & Teleport

Levels Edit

Currently, the Forest world consists of the following 29 levels:

  • A Ghostly World
  • A Mouldy Grotto
  • A Village in the Forest
  • Bouncy Coils
  • Countercurrent
  • Crumbling Path
  • Dan Morial
  • Detour
  • Down The Rabbit Hole
  • Duct Ape
  • Entrance to the Castle
  • Find the Bigger Fish!
  • Going Underground
  • Kneep-deep in the depth
  • Light and Magic
  • Little Venice
  • Owls' Revenge
  • Penguins don't grow on Trees
  • Shocking
  • Short Visit to El Castillo
  • The Silent Walls
  • Three sheets to the wind
  • Treasure in the skies
  • Tree Fortress
  • Tux the Builder
  • Two Tiny Towers
  • Up and Down
  • Walking Leaves
  • Welcome to the Forest

End boss Edit

Currently, the end boss of this world is The Ghost Tree.

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